New Support System – Zendesk!

We are happy to be announcing a new support tool for our clients! Zendesk, our new support platform will allow all of our clients to be better informed and connected to their requests and support tickets.

On June 1st, any help request sent to will instantly return a ticket number and confirmation of receipt. This will allow you to see ticket updates as they’re made and communicate directly with our support team throughout the process!

Future Support Interface

On June 16th, the chat feature will also be replaced by Zendesk. The new chat system allows our clients to:

      • Submit a support ticket 24/7 (previously users had to manually create a support email after hours)
      • Live chat with Support Team members during business hours

With Zendesk our users will be able to complete all Support related items without having to leave Whiteboard!



June 1st

      • Emails sent to will funnel through Zendesk.
      • The inbox will be decommissioned. To get in contact with a Customer Success Manager please contact us via support email or chat and we’ll get you in touch with the right person.


June 16th

      • We will replace our existing online chat system with the Zendesk Chat feature.
      • The new chat feature will be in the same location as the old one but will have an updated visual.

Our team is confident that our new support tools will significantly improve the support experience and reflect a better overall commitment to our clients’ success with Whiteboard CRM!