Assets: Content, Images, Attachments
Team Assets

Assets are various pieces of content that you can use in templates, like your office or team logo, esig or email attachments. Assets are used by adding their respective merge variable in other assets or content templates like emails. Merge variables are defined by any bracketed text like “{Team:Loan Officer eSignature}” and will automatically populate the corresponding asset they’re associated with -such as in the example above, the loan officer’s email signture. Anything that is static and critical to a company, team or Loan Officer should be considered for asset usage. That way if information changes, it only has a singular location that needs to be updated.

An instance where assets can be crucial -Say your company updates their logo, which was also an asset in your Whiteboard account. This asset could be used in 100’s of templates. Instead of having to update each template individually, updating the asset itself effectively updates every template or location the asset was ever used.