Pipeline View

The Pipeline

The Pipeline is an important place in Whiteboard where you can see all Borrower’s with mortgage opportunities -regardless of status.  This view can also be filtered to show a specific information in a highly focused view. Your borrower must have a mortgage opportunity in order to be displayed in this view.

Important: There are scenarios where the number of clients outweigh the number of records in your pipeline view. Keep in mind, all clients in your database should have, at minimum, one mortgage opportunity. There are other scenarios where the number of records in the pipeline view will heavily outweigh the number of total clients in your system. This typically means you’re experiencing higher client returns on second and third mortgages due to refinancing or new and second homes being purchased.



Current columns displayed for this view are pipeline sequence status, opportunity and/or archived status. You may use any combination of these filters to tailor the view you are looking for

Pipeline Filter Options

At this time, the column headers for your Pipeline view can not be modified or re-arranged. However, most have the ability to sort alpha-numerically, ascending to descending and visa-versa.


Pipeline Export

Pipeline Export

Need to export your data to manipulate it your in spreadsheet program; import your data to another program you use or to prep for a mass mailer? No worries! All primary record views like client, partner and even pipeline, have the ability to create, modify and save export filters.

Pipeline Export Filter Options

To create a new export filter, click on the “New Export Filter” button. Provide your filter with a name, then simply check the boxes for the data you want to see in your export. Click the “Download” button and we’ll email your spreadsheet to you. Click on the “Save” button to make your export filter available again for future use -and to prevent you from having to re-build your export report filter.