Understanding Playbooks

You’ve heard the buzzword “Playbook”, but what is it really?

A Playbook is simply defined as a workflow that is comprised of a series of pre-built campaigns, content, forms, assets and roles. A playbook is installed on every new team Whiteboard creates. The Whiteboard Playbook™ manages your mortgage opportunities from lead to funded and everything in between. It also handles the annual soft-touches like birthdays and holidays -without you ever having to lift a finger so you can relive your most successful day -everyday.

Let’s breakdown the parts of a Playbook:

  • Campaigns: Specific, defined series of activities, steps and operations used  to achieve a particular goal or outcome. They ultimately defines who is eligible to be marketed to, how they will be marketed to and the message will be conveyed to the recipient by various communication methods.
  • Content: Pre-written templates and designed skins used to convey a message to your recipient and assist with their appearance. The primary types of content are email, letter and call script.
  • Forms: Electronic documents that display form fields and store the data you save on them. Many fields on forms will power your campaigns.
  • Assets: Static things like logos, contact and address information and/or attachments that represent your company, yourself and your branding. Assets are heavily used in templates.
  • Roles: Primarily assists in delegating tasks created by campaigns to assigned team members, but also control access permissions to the various modules and features in Whiteboard.