Use Whiteboard on the go with the Whiteboard CRM mobile App for iOS and Android

Now you can work with your clients, partners, and mortgage information on the go. Search your entire Whiteboard database, navigate between teams, accomplish all your tasks, and carry on text conversations all from within the slick new Whiteboard Mobile app for Android and iOS!

Click the button below or search your app store for “Whiteboard CRM” to download it now!

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Start Your Day at the Dashboard

See tasks and birthdays at a glance, search for clients or partners, add new contacts, or jump straight to your text messages.

Stay On Top of Conversations

Texting your partners and borrowers from within Whiteboard has proven to be one of the things Whiteboard users love most! Now you and your team can jump right into your texting conversations on the go. Your texts will appear back at the office in real-time so that your team never misses a beat.

Text your contacts any time, anywhere

No new skills to learn here! You know how to text already. Just hammer out your message and smash the “Send” button. When your client replies, it’ll instantly appear here just like a regular text. Also, you’ll get notifications when someone replies.

You can even send and receive emojis just like your phone’s texting app.

Text Notifications

Never miss a text. Whiteboard will notify you right on your phone when a borrower or partner sends your team a text message.

Find contacts and mortgages fast

Type in part of a name or address or LOS file number and pick from the grouped lists of Clients, Partners, and Mortgages in a flash.

Search by these criteria:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • LOS Filename
  • Property Address
  • Email address
  • Phone Number

Knock Tasks Out Fast and On The Go

Just like on your PC, you’re able to collaborate with your team to complete tasks on-the-go with Whiteboard Mobile. You’ll see which tasks have already been started, which are overdue, and even create new tasks on the fly.

Update Records From Anywhere

Did that appraisal just come in? Did you just get the property address? Update it in the forms right from your phone. Whiteboard’s campaign automation will see those changes and start working for you right away.