Creating a Mortgage Record

Borrowers are people.  Mortgages are opportunities.  Hopefully, you’ve helped a borrower get funded in the past and had them come back several years later to either refinance or get a loan for a new home.  Of course, that means you have one client with multiple mortgages.

Whiteboard allows you to associate multiple Mortgage Opportunities with one Client.  So, to create a Mortgage Opportunity, you must first have a Client record in place.  If it’s a new borrower, just create a new client record.  If it’s a returning borrower, use the search box at the top to find them.

Mortgage opportunities are created from the Client Details View and will be associated with various partner records as the mortgage moves through the process.

Click on the Mortgages tab in the center panel. Then click New and fill out the short form and Save the mortgage opportunity.

The most vital item here is Pipeline Sequence.  This is the key field that tells the Playbook what stage the client is at in the loan process, dropping them into the appropriate campaigns until you move them to the next stage.

*For more on pipeline sequences, click here.

Update any additional information you wish and save the record. In around a minute, Whiteboard will automatically insert your new opportunity into the appropriate campaign(s).

As you continue to work with the client over the coming weeks, you’ll want to continue to update the fields on this form so that Whiteboard can automatically keep your borrowers and partners in the loop on your behalf.