Release Notes:  4/16/2018


Beta be done!  You might have logged into Whiteboard today and saw a new banner across the top of the screen inviting you to experiment with the new Whiteboard.  Go ahead!  Give it a click.  You can revert using the “Back to old version” link down at the bottom of the screen.  At some point, though, that old interface will go away.  So let us know how we can help you get comfortable in the new digs.

Whiteboard’s getting better every day!  Enjoy all the new shiny stuff and let us know what you like and what improvements you’d like to see by emailing

Technical Details:

    • Add verbiage ” – preview based on current template” to the header of task-associated template preview modals.
    • Change the verbiage of the “Click to show” button based on whether data exists in the SSN field.
    • Show the “up” arrow on whichever column a page is sorted by default as (currently only shows after manually sorting).
    • Style “xml email” and “lending tree” token mapping modals to match the new UI.
    • Add a confirmation popup to the action of “claiming” and “unclaiming” a partner record.
    • Update all date-validated input fields in Whiteboard to open the pop-in calendar when the “calendar” icon in the field is clicked.
    • Update the login pages to reflect new UI styling.
    • Update Contact Card view
    • Update the appearance of dashboard graphs to make “0” value rows easier to click
    • Show the active version number in the new UI
    • Give the task details page “start/edit/later” buttons a maxwidth value so they don’t stretch across the entire screen when no contact is associated with a task
    • Make the new WBCRM version the only version available to new customers
    • Locate and update all locations records can be created in the system to ensure that new data is added to omnisearch tables
    • Update the appearance of omnisearch “all teams / this team” toggle
    • Make the display order of mortgages in the dropdown menu match the display order of mortgages in the “Mortgages” tab on Contact Details pages
    • Pre-pend “Property:” label to address information in the mortgages dropdown of the Partners tab on Contact Details pages
    • Display multiple checkbox options stacked one below the other
    • Only show “client / partner” selector on the inline “new record” modal when spawned from the “Referrer” field
    • Preselect the “Subtype” dropdown value on the inline “new record” modal based on the field it was spawned from
    • Remove accordion-style “open/close” capability from the form group headers on the inline “new record” modal
    • Update the “loading” animation to have a transparent background instead of the current white square
    • Make the “Task Details” pane on the Task Details page appear as a tab like every other element on that page
    • Update beta to be current dev version, then create a new dev version for active development.
    • Hide the Client/Partner Edit link button
    • Make contact note display order based on the associated date, not ID
    • Provide access to the new UI to all Power Users as defined by support/success
    • Convert “Duplicated mortgage is not yet saved” banner to “warning” coloration
    • Add a simple banner on the home page of v19 to advertsie the new version
    • Remove the current Welcome pop op from the new version
    • Make the “Try the new version” link a graphical button

    Bug we just squashed:

    • “State” dropdown values are not displaying correctly in the new UI
    • Fix a couple of issues with SSN fields in the new UI
    • Referrer form fields on Tasks details pages are returning the wrong team’s clients
    • Groups tab infiniscroll only refreshes the list once, and also generates unusual “x of y” text
    • Form field error tooltip icons (red “!”) are not reverting to info tooltip icons (blue “?”) when the field’s error state is cleared
    • “No Partners Associated” appears even when partners are clearly visible in the “Partners” tab of the Client Details page
    • “Notes” column mouseover text bubble has display issues in lower-resolution browsers
    • Campaign “unusual activity” confirmation status is not saving in the new UI
    • Campaign action preview from contact details pages is broken in Firefox
    • Switching between tasks and then clicking the notes filter button spawns duplicate modals
    • Existing tasks in the new UI cannot be “edited” to change the assigned/claiming target.
    • Partner details “mortgages” tab stuck infinitely loading in Cornerstone 57
    • Creating / editing tasks in the new UI is completely broken
    • A customer is seeing duplicate instances of mortgage forms in the drop-down on contact details pages in the new UI, please investigate & fix
    • CoBorrower form data not deleting
    • “X of y” text is not ajaxing to display updated values on list views when records are deleted
    • Completing a task without providing custom notes (complete popup) results in comeplting the task without generating a note for the event
    • Creating a new task from the customer details page doesn’t reload the task screen when the created task is the very first task to create
    • Borrower data fields on mortgage forms are not functional
    • Calyx imports don’t appear to be saving/updating some dropdown field values correctly