Release Notes:  8/7/2018


Monsters and Jolt Colas litter the floor up here.  We’ve been working hard in the background to increase the speed of Whiteboard’s most used tools.  The Conversations screen has seen a performance boost of 300-400%!  We’ve streamlined process improvements that have dramitically dropped the strain on your computer’s CPU.

We also worked on and resolved several customer-reported bugs.

Whiteboard’s getting better every day!  Enjoy all the new shiny stuff and let us know what you like and what improvements you’d like to see by emailing

Technical Details:

  • Append last modified date to CSS and Javascript files in h.php, a.k.a. Cache busting
  • Optimize queries on the Conversations page to improve performance
  • Improve WBCRM performance by adding smart event listeners to tooltips
  • In data integrations, update Translations (field overrides) to support office-specific lists in addition to the current global-only list
  • Remove credit cost from the automated opt-out message sent following the first SMS message to any contact
  • Publish version 33 to production

Customer-Reported Bugs

  • Switching forms on any contact details view in Internet Explorer now works correctly
  • “SMS received” email is now showing the message contents and contact information for the sender
  • Note creation on the tasks page no longer breaks after the first record
  • An opted out contact from SMS now shows the text tab overlay
  • Update the texting tab message timestamps to reflect the team’s time zone
  • Character/credit count now displays when sending a text message