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Release Notes:  3/19/2018


The gang’s been busy on the new user interface.  Thanks to relentless feedback from our users, we’ve identified and address tons of minor improvements across all of Whiteboard.  Now, when you search Whiteboard, you can specify your current team or all teams.  You can filter partners based on mortgage record in the Client’s details view.

We also worked on and resolved several customer-reported bugs.

Whiteboard’s getting better every day!  Enjoy all the new shiny stuff and let us know what you like and what improvements you’d like to see by emailing

Technical Details:

  • Use comma when displaying number greater than 999 in x of y verbiage across all pages
  • Update the Forms column on task details view to display as a tab, for visual consistency.
  • Make text and icon coloring across the new UI consistent with comps.
  • Form Designer, checkboxes for Use in this Campaign are showing as a draggable element. Need to hide them
  • Move “Current team” checkbox into Omnisearch results dropdown
  • Make form “auto complete” fields results display identically to Omnisearch
  • Move “Back to old version” link from the navigation bar to the site footer
  • Remove animation from the task details view
  • Padding around accordion data needs to be consistent
  • Implement more comprehensive usage logging in new UI
  • Update the “extra data” shown with mortgage omnisearch results

Customer-Reported Bugs Addressed

  • Premapped import tokens are visually able to have their Whiteboard fields remapped, though this does nothing – lock down
  • Tooltips are missing their arrows in IE and Firefox
  • Pipeline page filter modal not spawning in IE11/10.
  • When infiniscroll triggers at least once in the notes pane, “CURRENTLY NO NOTES” text displays under the last note in the list.
  • DOB column on dashboard is displaying incorrect information
  • DOB section scrollbar scales horizontally with browser width – make it consistent
  • The mortgages tab on contact details isn’t showing the “NO PIPELINE DATA” message when appropriate
  • Duplicate mortgage form is loading in scrolled to whatever the last form displayed was scrolled to
  • The “Cancel” button on the duplicate mortgage “returns” to the “FORMS” tab instead of the “MORTGAGES” tab from whence it came