This won’t be the most glamorous Release notes update we do but we feel that is best to keep our users in the know.

This Whiteboard release mainly contains bug fixes we resolved during the last sprint.

Given our Dev Team’s current focus on updating and streamlining our development and deployment processes, they don’t currently have any major new features to list out.

For the first time in Whiteboard history, we ran 100+ automated regression tests before publishing the release to check if the new release broke any existing capabilities, hence the regression terminology. Keep in mind that these tests are automated and reusable and while we currently don’t have 100% coverage, we continue to grow our test cases.

Completed Tasks

  • Introduced design improvements to the Texting tab to make Borrower and Co-Borrower links easier to find

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed manual contact note creation and editing issue.
  • Restored visibility of the “Add Lead Source” button to office admins.
  • Resolved the issue related to uncompleted tasks for tomorrow not showing on the Next 3 Days dashboard tab
  • Fixed an issue with Group Details pages being blank when opened from the Groups list page.
  • Fixed the issue preventing the ability to manually insert records into campaigns on the Participants tab.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the “Referral Sources” graph on the dashboard to be blank.