A small incremental update here, making some tweaks to the newly-released texting tool.  Most notably, the number of unread text messages is displayed next to CONVERSATIONS in the navigation bar and is updated in real time.

We also worked on and resolved several customer-reported bugs.

Whiteboard’s getting better every day!  Enjoy all the new shiny stuff and let us know what you like and what improvements you’d like to see by emailing

Technical Details:

  • Replace “view larger” text in notes pane with an icon
  • Filler text in “create new group” field on contact details pages is practically illegible – make the text darker
  • Create an interface to add SMS “credits” to teams that have purchased them
  • Make clicking outside the image close MMS preview popups
  • Investigate emoji issues caused by certain Samsung phones
  • Make MMS attachments display as links when displayed outside the texting tab
  • Publish latest Dev code to Production and Increment beta & dev versions forward by one
  • Tie “Team Settings” tab visibility to team membership in addition to office-admin

Bugs we just squashed

  • Fix bad data/form/export
  • Deleted form groups in the new UI are still displayed in previews and contact details pages
  • URL-validated fields do not apply validation rules and do not show a mouseover in the new UI
  • Certain team time zone settings are causing actions to generate with incorrect dates in the template
  • Saving changes to a contact on the task list page causes the Previous/Next buttons to stop working
  • Emoji & MMS messages aren’t displaying correctly in several locations
  • Manual task creation popup in the new UI is not filtering out inactive/disabled accounts from the “User” dropdown list
  • Credit balances in some offices are not updating when texts are sent/received
  • PHP error is displaying in various locations in the beta/dev UI
  • Line breaks in notes in the new UI are showing as double line breaks