Release Notes:  4/24/2018


OK Folks.  This is exciting!  We’re releasing what we call an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for a texting feature within Whiteboard.  It’ll allow you to send and receive conversational, in the moment texts directly from the client or partner record and store those conversations in your notes. Right now, we’re sharing it with a select group of beta users, but expect it to be available to all users within a few weeks.

Whiteboard’s getting better every day!  Enjoy all the new shiny stuff and let us know what you like and what improvements you’d like to see by emailing

Technical Details:

      • Design and architect the texting database elements
      • Define the major texting components
      • Add the login / forgot layouts to the dynamic pages
      • Make several updates to the hamburger menu and control panel contents
      • Filter inactive, test, and super admin users from New UI activity logs
      • Generate daily Beta usage report
      • Enable beta access to all remaining offices
      • Push latest Dev code to Production and Increment beta & dev versions forward by one
      • Update MySQL character set/collation
      • Update the background color on outgoing message bubbles in the TEXTING tab to the same blue as highlighted rows
      • Update mouseover text on the “Credits” text on the Conversations page
      • Update control panel “Team Settings” tab “Subscriptions” section “SMS” toggle dollar value shown
      • On save/claiming of an SMS phone number, award 1000 expiring credits to the team
      • Update the texting “out of credits” overlay/send prevention mechanism to trigger at -1000 instead of 0
      • Enable the “send sms” role permission on all existing roles in a team when the SMS toggle is enabled

      Bugs we just squashed

      • Saving a blank value for the “date_created” mortgage field on the mortgage form in the new UI is not populating that field with (servertime) like it does in v19
      • Office level assets, when deleted & then recreated, are not allowing the user to make edits to the asset.
      • For email fields on mortgage forms, “use in campaigns” checkbox status is not carried over from the borr/coborr form in the new UI.
      • When duplicating an archived mortgage record, the “archived” banner displays instead of the “not yet saved” banner
      • Changing the email address of an opted-out contact is not updating some UI elements correctly.
      • Contact names with quotation marks are breaking details pages in the new UI
      • Users with the beta version active who log out / are logged out, are not returning to the beta version on login.
      • Investigate & resolve issues with default form not displaying correctly causing record updates to fail
      • Current date is not clickable in the popup calendar the first time it’s opened.
      • Message box fields are only saving/displaying ~200 characters in the new UI.
      • “View Campaign” link/button from contact details pages is loading the wrong URL
      • Attempting to export large numbers of tasks returns an Apache error page
      • Email Usage report “last 12 months” and “average monthly” stats are zero in all offices
      •  An active user account is not available to assign tasks to in the new UI
      • “My Team” navigation section & links aren’t visible to users with the correct role permissions in the new UI
      • Long strings of unbroken text are causing the notes column to expand horizontally and generate a scrollbar
      • “Reset Password” confirmation popup in the login pages is still using the old style – update to new UI