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There are some real gems in this week’s update.  Full details are below, but here are some highlights.

Set Automatic Pipeline Sequences with automatic lead import:  When you create a new Lead Source to data in from outside sources automatically, you can now select a default Pipeline Sequence.  This is huge!  Some folks come in from a raw lead source like Leadpops or Zillow.  Others come in from an application tool like PreApp 1003.  Regardless of where they’re coming from, you can now designate them as Lead or Application or whatever makes sense at the moment the new record is created in Whiteboard.

Use that cell number in campaigns:  We’ve updated all the ways of getting data into Whiteboard so that the “Use in campaigns” checkbox automatically checks itself when you bring records in from outside of Whiteboard.  So, if you’re using a lead source, Zapier, our Calyx integration, or just importing a CSV or FNM 3.2 file, that box will auto-check and be recognized by any texting campaigns you’ve got.

Oh Canada:  We’ve struck up some friendships with originators from the North!  And they’re helping us better understand the needs of the Canadian mortgage market.  Mostly, we’re working on Playbook content and cadence.  But we’re actively looking at product tweaks that will be needed to properly help Canadian originators.  We’re hoping to have more exciting news in the next couple months.  But if you’ve got Canadian buddies who are hurting for a good mortgage CRM, let ’em know we’ve got their back.  Good things are coming.

Technical Details:

  • Canadian partners now have access to options specifics to the Canadian market, i.e. the Loan Purpose options when creating a new mortgage
  • All import options (CSV, Lead Sources, etc.) that create new contacts now automatically check the cell phone’s “Use in Campaigns” option so contacts can be engaged via campaign and/or individual text messages
  • When trying to access a direct link in Whiteboard, like a specific client’s record or a particular report, but the user is not currently logged in, the user will be redirected automatically to their intended destination immediately after a successful log in
  • A new Release Notes website is now available to provide access to past releases’ notes
  • Customers now can specify a pipeline value to be assumed on all mortgages created through a Lead Source import

Customer-Reported Bugs

  • Contacts with blank date fields will no longer be target by campaigns that execute on December 31st
  • Corrected the help message displayed under the “Exit Triggers” section on the Campaigns à Conditions tab
  • Fixed issue that cause the Referral Funded report to show all values as zeros and to show an unnecessary column
  • The campaign “Input Test” modal record count now shows the correct number of contact records that match the campaign conditions
  • The “x of y” text on the Conversations page will not properly update when more than 50 entries exist
  • The visual appearance of the search results displayed in the navigation bar’s search is now consistent across the entire website
  • All Co-Borrowers created after a mortgage has been added will now be automatically associated with that already created mortgage