Your Dashboard provides you everything you need to know about how things are going with your business and who you’ll need to follow up with during your day.


Use the green quick-action buttons to quickly add a new Client, Partner, or Task on the fly.


Below the buttons is a panel with three tabs that show the tasks and birthdays for Today, Tomorrow, and the Next 3 Days after that. So, if today is Monday, the tabs would show Monday’s tasks on Today, Tuesday’s tasks on Tomorrow, and the tasks for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday on the Next 3 Days tab.

Click on any task or name and you’ll be taken to the related entry.


The My Pipeline tab shows a visualization of your pipeline and the Referral Sources tab provides insight into what types of partners are bringing you the most business.


The Recent Activity section in the lower-right will provide a list of all of the activity that’s occurred within your team during that day, including what Whiteboard has been doing on your behalf. Click on any line item and you’ll be taken to the relevant record.