Powering Your Playbook Client Campaigns

With Whiteboard’s Playbook installed, your clients can automatically receive birthday and holiday wishes -and there’s very little, if anything you need to do.

Important: Your campaigns must be enabled for client birthday and holiday wishes to go out.

Please see the below list in it’s entirety to have a better understanding of the Whiteboard’s supplied client campaigns.

Automated Birthday and Holiday Campaigns

  • Birthday Campaign:
    • Client record must have listed date of birth (DOB)
  • Christmas:
    • Runs on December 25th of every year
    • As long as client does not celebrate Hanukkah.
  • Cinco De Mayo:
    • Runs on May 5th of every year
  • Halloween:
    • Runs on October 31st of every year
  • July 4th:
    • Runs on July 4th of every year
  • MLK Jr Day:
    • Runs ever January (planned)
  • New Year:
    • Runs January 1st of every year
  • St Patrick’s Day:
    • Runs on March 16th every year
  • Thanksgiving:
    • Run’s every November (planned)
  • Valentines Day:
    • Runs February 14th of every year


Manually Configured Holiday Campaigns:
These campaigns require a little “user intervention”, which can be managed via the
Holiday Form in the client form dropdown.

Client Holiday Form
  • Easter:
    • Celebrates Easter checkbox for “Yes” must be checked
  • Misc Flowers:
    • Requires a valid future date in the “Send Flowers Date” field
  • Newborn:
    • Requires a valid future date in the “Newborn DOB” field
  • Hanukkah:
    • Celebrates Hanukkah checkbox for “Yes” must be checked

Checking the box for “Remove from all Holiday Campaigns” will remove that specific client from all future birthday and holiday marketing.