What is leadPops – 

Convert more clicks into clients with leadPops Lead Funnels. 

leadPops™ develops lead generation technology and marketing solutions for mortgage brokers, loan officers, and other industry professionals that are tired of spending money on marketing that doesn’t deliver. 

You can’t do business with clicks. leadPops focuses on creating plug-and play digital experiences and lead conversion tools that entice potential customers to act. 

As the only Conversion as a Service (CaaS) platform serving the mortgage, real estate, and insurance industries, leadPops increases sales by converting their anonymous web visitors and into tangible, qualified leads. 


Benefit to leadPops Users 

While leadPops creates engaging pages to capture interested leads it is still up to the Loan Officer to interact with these folks as they reach out for contact. 

This is where Whiteboard’s Mortgage Playbook comes into play. As individuals contact information is captured, Whiteboard automatically inputs that information into our system and within minutes you will be engaging via email and text message.  

Whiteboard’s Playbook content is designed to introduce yourself as the lending expert in their corner, while also while inviting them to complete an online application with you or to reach out directly for more information.  


Connection Capabilities 

Automated Lead EngagementIn near real-time, leadPops will send data from Mortgage, Real-Estate, or Finance “Funnels” which will create new client and mortgage records within Whiteboard which will trigger automated email and text message engagement. 

Connection Type – This is an indirect, linear, integration. We utilize third party software to send to migrate lead data from leadPops to Whiteboard.  

*Whiteboard cannot send data back to leadPops. 



FREEBoth Whiteboard and leadPops do not charge for any “out of the box” setup or operation of a leadPops connection.  

If you require extensive Playbook Form or Campaign customization then Professional Services charges will be negotiated. 



    • Active leadPops subscriptionleadPops API Key 


Steps to Connect 

Setting up leadPops integrations is fast and easy. Simply click here to email leadPops support to request your API key.

Template to email leadPops and request a copy of your API Key.  

Using the above email link our team will be CC’d on the response so we can begin work faster! 



A leadPops connection can be completed within 3 business days of receiving your leadPops API key.