Encompass360 (Ellie Mae) FNM 3.2 Export

The steps provided below are to assist users in exporting their data from Encompass 360 in FNM 3.2 file format.

These instructions were last updated in Spring of 2018.

NOTE: We do not own or support Ellie Mae’s Encompass360 or its other products. The steps provided below are for reference only. Whiteboard cannot be held responsible for any undesired results or mishaps that may occur. Any permission related errors you encounter while following these instructions cannot be remedied by Whiteboard or its personnel.


  • Launch and login into Ellie Mae’s Encompass360 product
  • Open the loan you want to export.
  • Once the 1003 (loan app) is open, locate and select the “Services” tab towards the lower-left portion of Encompass.
  • Select “Access Lenders”.
  • Once the lenders screen loads, select a lender with NO green arrow –as we don’t really want to send the file anywhere. Then click “Continue”. (Yes, it will appear to process, but it’s not.)
  • This will get us the Fannie Mae export utility.
  • Leave “request type” as default and ensure your “Export To” value is set to where you want the FNM 3.2 file to be saved. (The desktop is usually best.)
  • Next, uncheck the box to notify the AE (Lender Account Exec).
  • Now click on “Continue”.
  • Click “Continue” thru any incomplete notices that prompt you.
  • If the lender’s ePass site pops up, simply close it as it’s not needed for this process.
  • Your client’s FNM file has now been saved to your desired location and is ready for import to Whiteboard. To learn more, click here.