Adding a Partner

If you’re new to Whiteboard, one of the first things you’ll want to do is enter your partners so you can reinforce those relationships through regular contact.  You can add partners individually or import many at once from a CSV file.

From the Dashboard, click on the green + Partner button.


Partner 1


  1. Claim the Partner – (select yes or no) since a partner must be claimed in order for The Playbook’s marketing campaigns to target them on your behalf.
  2. Enter your partner’s information. You only need to enter a few things to create the partner record.  Once that’s done, you can add more information and associate them with mortgage opportunities.
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Cell Phone
    • Work Email
    • Partner Type – Always use the most generic option. For example, Agents should always be classified the general RE Agent type.
  3. Click Save


Partner 2


You must claim your partner if you want them to receive any marketing from Whiteboard – even Holiday Marketing.

Setting Up Weekly (or Monthly) Call Reminders for Your Partners

Stand apart from the other Loan Officers that only send their partners Holiday Marketing. Add your top partners to a weekly call or a monthly call for those partners you still want to keep in contact with, just not as frequently.


Partner 3


  1. From the Partners screen select Forms.
  2. Select the Partner Marketing option from the Forms drop-down in the center of the Partners view.


Partner 5


  1. Weekly Partner Call – Choose which day of the week you want to be reminded to call your partner. This option is best for the partners that refer you the most business.
  2. Monthly Partner Call – Choose this option for partners that you want to stay in touch with, but aren’t necessarily your top referral partners.


You can add all of your partner calls to a single day if you like to “batch” your partner calls, or you can add a few to each day of the week. Use what works for you.

As always, you can email if you have any questions or need help.