An Introduction To Whiteboard


What is Whiteboard?

  • Whiteboard is a mortgage-centric CRM –“built by mortgage industry leaders for mortgage professionals”.
  • A CRM, in its purest form, is a software based Customer Relationship Management platform. CRMs are designed to enable organizations to better serve their customers through the introduction of reliable processes and procedures for interacting with customers –current and future.
  • A CRM is commonly misconstrued as an “automated marketing” tool. While most CRMs are able to “market”, they shouldn’t solely be depended on as such. A CRM is designed to cultivate relationships and in return, increase sales.


Why was Whiteboard created?

  • Whiteboard was created as a true mortgage-based CRM with input from some of the nation’s top mortgage lenders. Until now, lenders had to rely on out-of-the-box systems that resembled something like a hobby model. The model looked cool on the box…until you opened the box. Additionally, loan officers simply don’t have the time to map out their workflow processes into a CRM. This is why we created Playbooks.
  • Mortgage lenders needed a CRM that was specific to their industry. Until Whiteboard, there were only mortgage “related” CRMs. They are primarily focused on lead management and post-closing follow-up.
  • Loan Officers needed something they could truly manage, without having I.T. and support guys constantly helping.
  • Redundancies require automation.
  • Loan Officers can only handle so many units via memory, yellow note pads and spreadsheets.


How does Whiteboard help me build and maintain relationships?

  • Better Communication
    • Automated Follow-up and updates via various methods.
    • Informed clients and partners equals a “happy” clientele database.
    • Client/Partner Loss Prevention
  • Data Integrity Practices
    • Your CRM is only as good as the data you maintain and keep.
  • Exploit and Automate Redundancies
    • Reduce manual labor
    • Expose daily redundancies and automate them.
    • Add free time to increase unit/volume
  • Increase Sales
    • Thru Referrals (new/old partners and past clients)
    • Client and Partner Retention
  • Proven Methodologies and Results
    • Bringing together “old school” loan officer values with the latest in technology and by providing that “just right” personal touch to create a memorable experience for your clients and partners.


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