Mortgage Campaigns View

Campaigns are split into three types:

Campaign Types

Client Campaigns specifically target client form data only. Partner Campaigns specifically target Partner form data only. Mortgage Campaigns specifically target mortgage form data -but additionally can market to respective client and partner form data.

Marketing Campaigns are the primary method of contacting your Clients and Partners within Whiteboard. Each Campaign consists of a Title and Description, Entry Restrictions, Entry and Exit Triggers, and Task Actions. Using a combination of Entry Restrictions and Entry Triggers, you can fine-tune which Records will enter which Campaigns.

Clicking “Create Campaign” will generate a new campaign of the same type as the currently active tab (Client, Partner, or Mortgage). Here is a general overview of what you will see in each campaign.

Campaign Breakdown

  • Search field
  • Displayed number dropdown
  • List of campaigns
  • Status column
    • Green – Enabled
    • Green with Red Exclamation – Paused/Caution
    • Red – Disable
  • Name column
  • Number of records in campaign column (clickable)
  • Three-dot menu
    • View
    • Copy
    • Delete