What is LendingPad? –

LendingPad is an innovative, cloud-based loan origination system created by mortgage professionals to streamline origination tasks. LendingPad allows users to originate and process loans anywhere there is a secure internet connection. And as a part of their commitment to stay update and accessible LendingPad is designed to connect with as many complimentary services as possible.

Benefit to LendingPad users

This indirect connection to Whiteboard allows our LendingPad users to automate the flow of client and mortgage data into their CRM. Status updates and changes that occur in LendingPad will drive pipeline and milestone updates to be sent out of Whiteboard. Saving time and the potential for error!

Connection Capabilities

Automated Record Creation – As you add borrower and mortgage information to your LendingPad account that data will automatically generate related Client and Mortgage records within Whiteboard. When you add the property information, rate, or appraised value that information will populate in your CRM.

Automated Pipeline Engagement – Throughout a loan’s natural Lifecyle LendingPad will send updates to Whiteboard to start and stop pipeline related campaign automation.

Automated Milestone Updates – As you update LendingPad with important dates(appraisal ordered, title received, loan approved) this information will trigger Whiteboard’s Milestone content to email and text message stakeholders associated with the loan.

Connection Type – This is an indirect, linear, integration. Whiteboard utilizes third party software to capture data being sent by LendingPad.

*Whiteboard cannot send data to LendingPad

*Due to the indirect nature of the connection Whiteboard can capture Partner data


FREE – Neither Whiteboard nor LendingPad charge for the setup or operation of a LendingPad indirect integration.

If you need to complete extensive Playbook or Campaign customization then Professional Services charges will be negotiated.


      • An active WhiteboardCRM subscription.
      • An active LendingPad subscription.
      • You must be able to provide their assigned “Loan Officer API key”.
      • If the integration involves customization or Professional Services, you will need to be available via phone/zoom to confirm details.


Steps to Connect

LendingPad is committed to delivering an up-to-date tech and service focused product. Therefore, setting up this connection is much faster and easier than building a traditional integration. You need to complete two simple steps to get started.

1)  Please follow this link to visit your API page in LendingPad.

      • Copy the “Loan Officer API Key”

2) Create a new email to the email address.

      • Include the names of both the Whiteboard Account Holder and the Loan Officer whose team you want to connect.


Once we have received and confirmed your API Key works we provide a timeline to completion!



Once our team has confirmed your API Key a LendingPad connection typically takes 4 business days to complete!

Please allow for additional time if further testing and customization are required.