Floify and Whiteboard Mortgage CRM





What is Floify?  – 

Floify is a mortgage point-of-sales portal that provides a web-based access point for potential borrowers to complete a 1003 loan application, house, tracks loan documentation, eSgn disclosures and monitor the status of their loan. The process begins at pre-qualification, through underwriting, and is completed when the loan is funded.

Floify helps loan originators automate redundant tasks, so they save time, increase satisfaction, and provide a modern, mobile-optimized mortgage experience for their borrowers which includes 1003 app portals, online document storage, eSign disclosures, automated loan updates, and a streamlined mobile app. 


Connection Benefit to Floify Users

As Whiteboard CRM’s Mortgage Playbook™ automatically engages with your borrowers our content will drive them to complete an application via your Floify Application Portal.  When your borrowers complete an online loan application Whiteboard will automatically be updated with the status change.  

As a part of this pipeline status update the client will pause communication related to their previous status and begin receiving relevant content related to new stage. 

Additionally, you can use Floify to trigger Milestone updates within Whiteboard.  


Connection Capabilities 

Capture Loan AppsYou can capture completed loan app data across multiple Loan Officers in multiple Whiteboard Team environments.  

Connection TypeThis is an indirect, linear, integration. We utilize third party software to send information from Floify to Whiteboard.  

Create/Update RecordsIn near real-time, Floify will update or create borrower and mortgage records in Whiteboard once Loan Applications are completed and submitted with the information that is captured at the time of completion. 

Automated MilestonesOur clients have the freedom to keep using Floify’s built in Milestones or they can have Floify update WB to send our Milestone updates. If the client wants Floify to activate our Milestones they will have to manually instruct Floify to no longer send Milestone updates. 

This is not a substitute for an integration with a Loan Origination System and as such Mortgage Term details that are not available at the point of completing a loan app will not be sent to Whiteboard at a later time. 

Whiteboard cannot send data back into Floify. Because of the linear nature of this connection, data being inserted into Whiteboard via Floify will always overwrite the data that already exists in Whiteboard. 



FREEBoth Whiteboard and Floify do not charge for any “out of the box” setup or operation of a Floify connection.  

If you require extensive Playbook Form or Campaign customization then Professional Services charges will be negotiated. 



    • Active Floify subscription 
    • Admin AccessIn order to complete this process, you will need to have access to the “Company Dashboard” section within Floify, or access to an Account Administrator that can help complete the setup process. 


Steps to Connect 

Whiteboard has created documentation so our users can complete the process on their own! Please click here to down the instructions. 

However, if the process seems intimidating or if you want an extra set of hands, please email us at



For clients that complete the process on their own or with an Implementation Specialist the average setup time is under 30 minutes from starting the process to finalizing the connection point. 

If your Playbook is not “Whiteboard Default Playbook 4.3.1” or beyond then you will need to request your URL Lead Tokens. In which case those will be provided within one to two business days.