Floify and Whiteboard Mortgage CRM




Floify is a mortgage point-of-sales portal that provides a web-based access point for potential borrowers to complete a 1003 loan application, house, tracks loan documentation, eSgn disclosures and monitor the status of their loan. The process begins at pre-qualification, through underwriting, and is completed when the loan is funded. For more info on Floify, visit Floify’s webpage.

The Floify/Whiteboard Mortgage CRM Lead Mapping (Phase 1)

Utilizing Zapier, when a borrower completes an online Floify application, Whiteboard automatically creates a client and mortgage record, assigns the record to the Pre-Qual pipeline sequence, which kicks off the automated Whiteboard campaign emails, texts, and internal task reminders. This saves Whiteboard users from having to enter mortgage-related information into two systems.

Whiteboard’s Pipeline Sequences Floify’s Loan Flow/Milestones
1. Lead or Prospect N/A
Phase 1 2. Pre-Qual Application
3. Application & Milestones Contract Received


Appraisal Ordered

Appraisal Received

Submitted to Underwriting

4. Funded

What to expect/preparation needed:

  1. You’ll need an active Floify account.
  2. Access to “Company Control Panel” in Floify.
  3. Participate in a 15 to 30 minutes screen share session with a Whiteboard Success Coach.


What’s next:

  1. Contact your Whiteboard Success Coach to begin the process.