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“How can I get my leads into Whiteboard if my service provider does not have a integration, API key, or webhook service?”

Some popular lead generation services do not offer the means to easily migrate data between systems. At Whiteboard we use a paid email parsing software for situations where we need to get borrower contact data out of lead system notification emails.

“That sounds a bit complicated, what is an “email parser?” I just want my leads to land in Whiteboard and trigger automation.”

An “email parser” is a software service that allows us to extract data from incoming emails. Email parsers can be configured to pull specific data fields from consistently formatted lead notification emails. By doing so they allow us to convert a standardized unstructured lead email into easy-to-handle structured(parsed) data.

Rest assured we want you, and all our clients, to be able to take advantage of campaign automation!

However, some Lead Generation Providers have not allowed for standardized data sharing, which forces our team to utilize email parsers.


Benefit to our Client

If your Lead Generation Service will not send Lead data via:

    • Webhook
    • API Key
    • Zapier App


Then I’m afraid this is solution is only way to retrieve(parse out) the data that we need.

Paying for and utilizing an Email Parser to capture lead data from any of our approved sources cuts down on the manual process of copy and pasting contact data from an email into Whiteboard. This can save you a significant amount of time, and automatically trigger Lead communication campaigns.


Integration Type

Indirect Integration: This is not an “integration” in the traditional sense. We are using a third-party software that “learns” to identify and capture desired data from emails.

This is a one-way linear connection, meaning information can only flow from the email parser into Whiteboard.

Critical Note: Email parsers are only as stable and consistent as the messaging they receive. If the service changes the structure or language of the lead emails that they send out. If there are major changes to the email, then the email parser may gather the wrong information or break down altogether.


Supported Parser Software

    • BoomTown
    • Velocify


Integration Capabilities

A third-party email parsing software will pull desired contact data out of forwarded lead emails, using non-code automation software we then organize and send that data to create borrower and mortgage records in Whiteboard.

We can capture BORROWER data only. Referrer related information can only be deposited as a note on the client or mortgage record.

Email parser connections CANNOT create new Partner records.


Cost to the Customer

PAID – Whiteboard charges $5 per month per each email parser inbox that is utilized.

Example: If your account has two loan officers that each need to receive Lead data from two separate lead software accounts, then we would charge $10 per month.

If you require extensive customization for specific responses (Campaigns), then Professional Services charges will be negotiated.


Integration Requirements

    • Agree to the monthly Whiteboard email parser charge.
    • You will need to setup an email forwarding rule for your email service provider.
    • Time – Creating this rule and ensuring it is working correctly will require up to 20 minutes of your day.


Steps to Complete

    1. Email and tell them you’d like to explore using an email parser with one of our supported services.
    2. The team will respond to your email with a quote related to the charges for your approval.
    3. Once we receive approval the implementation team will work directly with you to setup your email forwarding rule and complete the connection process.



This process is incredibly dependent on your availability, but can be completed in 4 to 5 business days once the process begins!