Data Import

Click here to download our import template.

I’m sure you’re ready to move that spreadsheet tracking all of your client and partner information into the Recycle Bin, but you’re dreading the time it will take to move all the records into Whiteboard…FEAR NOT! We have made the transition as easy as possible!

Our Data Import Utility is the vehicle for importing clients, partners, and mortgage data into Whiteboard. The steps you take during the import process defines how the data will be created in Whiteboard.

Whiteboard’s Import utility supports two (2) primary methods of importing data.

  1. Single Fannie Mae 3.2 File Format (FNM 3.2)
  2. Comma Separated Value (CSV)

Be sure to adjust active campaign settings prior to an import. If assistance is needed, please contact Whiteboard.

Fannie Mae 3.2 File Format (FNM 3.2) Import

Fannie Mae 3.2 (FNM 3.2) files are the standard in porting mortgage data between sources, there is no mapping required by the user to import them. Importing FNM 3.2 files is almost as easy as dragging and dropping the file into Whiteboard and confirming record creation. Keep in mind, the utility allows only one import at a time. It’s designed to keep your existing database up-to-date with minimal double-data entry. The FNM 3.2 file import process automatically creates the client record and corresponding mortgage form with the all the data that was available at the time of export.

We do not recommend that you attempt import the same FNM 3.2 file multiple times. It’s important to note, not everything you see in your Loan Origination System (LOS) will be in the FNM file. Therefore you will not see the exact same mix of information in Whiteboard that you do in your LOS.

After your FNM 3.2 file is successfully imported, you will see a completion screen and will be offered the ability to import your next FNM 3.2 file if available.

You can see the FNM 3.2 import process below:


Comma Separated (CSV) Import

Click here to download our import template.

If you don’t know what CSV means, don’t worry.  CSV is just a spreadsheet format that strips out any formatting like highlighting, special fonts, formulas, and macros.  When importing data from a spreadsheet, you need to make sure you save it in CSV format.  Your filename would look something like import_list.csv.

CSV file import is your one-hit-wonder to introduce contact data to Whiteboard in bulk. We are talking 100’s or even 1000’s of contacts can be imported at once. Before we get too far down that road, you need to be aware of a few things:

  • Your last 25 years worth of data doesn’t belong in Whiteboard. Decide on a cutoff date (like the last 5 or 7 years maximum) and make it the dataset you will use and focus on within Whiteboard. The reason being is, people move, change contact information, or even worse -fail to update their contact info and let you know.


  • You will also want the most current and accurate information to market to. There’s nothing worse to sending 100’s of emails to a bad email address or wasting your time calling bad, disconnected or incorrect phone numbers. As a wise man once said, “…junk in -junk out…”.


  • Whiteboard does not remove duplicates from your CSV source file.
    • However, if data already exists in your Whiteboard database and you are importing new data, the importer will assist you in discarding your import contacts or assist in helping you merging data between the two sources -you CSV and your Whiteboard database.


  • You will need to clean and prep your data for import. This needs to be done so that Whiteboard can “read” your CSV file. Also, there’s some data that is better suited to stay in your LOS. We have this handy-dandy document to assist you with this process. It can be downloaded here: Whiteboard Import Template.


  • If you just don’t have the time, Whiteboard offers data importing through our Professional Services. You can email or speak with your Success Coach for additional information.

Now that you’ve determined what type of import to use, please navigate to the following: Client (Contact) Import or Mortgage Import


You can see the CSV file import process below: