Data Import

Whiteboard will accept standard 3.2 FNM files from all Loan Origination Software sources.

Be sure to adjust active campaign settings prior to an import. If assistance is needed, please contact Whiteboard.

Fannie Mae 3.2 File Format (FNM 3.2) Import

Fannie Mae 3.2 (FNM 3.2) files are the standard in porting mortgage data between sources, there is no mapping required by the user to import them. Importing FNM 3.2 files is almost as easy as dragging and dropping the file into Whiteboard and confirming record creation. Keep in mind, the utility allows only one import at a time. It’s designed to keep your existing database up-to-date with minimal double-data entry. The FNM 3.2 file import process automatically creates the client record and corresponding mortgage form with the all the data that was available at the time of export.

We do not recommend that you attempt import the same FNM 3.2 file multiple times. It’s important to note, not everything you see in your Loan Origination System (LOS) will be in the FNM file. Therefore you will not see the exact same mix of information in Whiteboard that you do in your LOS.

After your FNM 3.2 file is successfully imported, you will see a completion screen and will be offered the ability to import your next FNM 3.2 file if available.

You can see the FNM 3.2 import process below: