Calyx (Point) FNM 3.2 Export


Exporting a Point file to a Fannie Mae (3.2) format file
Point has the ability to convert any Borrower or Prospect file to a Fannie Mae format.


NOTE: The information here was extracted from Calyx’s website:


  • Open a Prospect or Borrower file.
  • From the menu bar, select File > Export To > Fannie Mae 3.2 DO/DU (Local)…
Calyx Export







  • In the Export 1003 data to Fannie Mae DO/DU window, the file will be exported to the temporary Work folder. You can select a location to which the file is saved by selecting the “save in” dropdown box.
Calyx Save File Type






  • Click Save.
  • A window appears stating that the file has been successfully exported. Click OK.
  • Your client’s FNM file has now been saved to your desired location and is ready for import to Whiteboard. To learn more, click here.