Whiteboard Email Limits

IMPORTANT: These send limits DO NOT APPLY if a 3rd part email server is used. It is your responsibility as a user to know and work within your email provider’s features, rules, restrictions and limitations.

Whiteboard, like other CRM and automated customer engagement tools, places limits on the number of outbound email sent from the system in a given time-frame. This is to reduce server load, as well as help avoid our email servers from being placed on SPAM and firewall black lists.

We are protecting you, your email deliver rate, your reputation, your contacts and ourselves.

Campaign Email Limits
300 emails per hour
Campaign limits apply across all active campaigns on a given team. This include client, partner, and mortgage campaigns. Campaign emails are sent on a “first-come, first-served” basis.

This means that if you create a campaign with 1 email action that pulls in 600 records, it will take 2 hours to send to all of them.

Newsletter Email Limits
1,000 emails per day
Newsletter limits apply to all active newsletters on a given team. This means that two active newsletters will only send a total of a 1,000 emails in a single day.

For example, a newsletter targeting 4,000 records will take 4 days to complete the delivery cycle.