By the end of this video you’ll better understand the following WB sections:

  • The Homepage
  • How to navigate the Top Row
  • The “three-line” menu options
  • Support

Near the top left of the homepage, we can use these “quick create” buttons to make new Client and Partner records or a new task.

Right below that section we can see the tasks that are due either : Today , Tomorrow, or in three days’ time.  Select any of the available tasks to open it.

Below you will find the Birthday section. This section is relatively straight forward you can quickly view today’s birthdays. When your  Client Campaigns are active WB will automatically reach out to these individuals via, email, and text message.

To the right of the birthday section, we have “Recent Activity” that section will highlight all of the actions that you, your team members, and Whiteboard have taken for today.

The “my pipeline section” bar graph shows your current active pipeline and associated loan amounts for each pipeline sequence.” You can adjust the range by changing the dates.

From the Contacts section, you can view client and partner records, and also the “groups” or tags used in your WB environment.

From either the Contacts or Pipeline page you can import 3.2 files or export your contact information data using “import and export.”

Next top is the “Tasks” page from here you can create or view assigned tasks.

The Pipeline page is where users can view Mortgage records. From here you can Export your mortgage database or import 3.2 files.

Reports will allow you to access some predesigned data reports in WB.

Conversations houses all texting conversations that you and your team have started. Unread text messages are highlighted in bold.

Selecting Support will open a new page that gives you access to our Knowledge Database. Search using key terms to find the information you need. Links to our YouTube channel and the “add and remove” user requests are also found on the Support page.

Use the “Omni-search” feature to find clients, partners, and mortgage records. Search using the three letters of a person’s name, email address, phone number, or pipeline sequence.

Lastly for our users that have multiple teams, please select your Team name to switch to another Team’s WB page.

Three Line Menu  
From the three-line menu, you can adjust your individual, team, or company settings, edit and create new content, build Newsletters, or simply review your automated campaigns.

From the My Account Settings page, you can change your password, adjust your auto-logout period, and set up using a third-party email server.

My Company settings will impact all Teams and Users under your WB account. You can adjust who has Administrative WB access from this and section.

The options under My Team will only impact the current team’s environment. From here you can update the merge variables used in the content, your text forwarding number, and team roles.

Under the Marketing section select “Campaigns” to view the automated client, partner, and mortgage campaigns and content. The Newsletter feature will let you set up your own timely “blog” style communication, or you can utilize available content from “Keeping Current Matters.”

The templates section is where all the email and text message content is housed. You can also create new Campaign content from this section. Please review our separate Support documentation and videos to explain these Marketing sections in greater detail.

The Support section will send you to our Knowledge Base and also let you see more information about WB itself via the release notes section.

Support/Live Chat
The last item we’ll cover is the Support Chat feature. Please click the chat icon to chat live with our support team.

Our operating hours are weekdays from 8 to 5 pm Central Standard Time. If you reach us outside of that we will respond the first chance we get!