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Benefit to Calyx PointCentral Users

Calyx has been a major in the Lender Technology realm for over two decades now. Calyx PointCentral is a server hosted LOS that allows for a high degree of administrative control that allows your team to work on individual components of a file while maintaining data integrity.

By directly integrating your CRM to your LOS you and your team will be able to update mortgage records in near-real time to accurately drive Whiteboard’s automated Playbook.


Connection Capabilities

Automated Record Creation – As you add borrower and mortgage information to your Calyx Point Central account that data will automatically create(or update) Client and Mortgage records within Whiteboard. When you add the property information, rate, or appraised value to a mortgage within Calyx PointCentral then that information will populate the associated file within your CRM.

Automated Pipeline Engagement – Throughout a loan’s natural Lifecyle Calyx Point Central will send updates to Whiteboard to start and stop pipeline related campaign automation.

Automated Milestone Updates – As you update Calyx Point Central with important dates(appraisal ordered, loan approved, clear to close) this information will trigger Whiteboard’s Milestone content to email and text message stakeholders associated with the loan.

Automated Partner Tracking – The loan process involves multiple stakeholders through the lifecycle of a new loan. The PointCentral integration will add these partners to your CRM while also associating them with their specific role related to individual mortgages.

Connection Type – This is an direct, linear, integration. Each Calyx PointCentral integration is built to the current specifications of your existing Calyx PointCentral environment.

*Whiteboard cannot send data to Calyx Point Central


One-time Cost
–  $1,000 for an annual Whiteboard subscriber
–  $1,500 charge for a monthly Whiteboard subscriber

Recurring Cost
–  $25 Monthly (Per Office)

These costs include setup configuration and dedicated time and resources from both the Implementation and Product teams to ensure the product will function related to your current Whiteboard Playbook.

If you need to complete extensive Playbook or Campaign customization then Professional Services charges will be negotiated.



    • An active WhiteboardCRM subscription
    • An active Calyx PointCentral account
    • An additional active Calyx PointCentral license/seat for the integration
    • You or a member of your team will need Admin access to complete this
    • Time – You must have the time available to scope and test your integration
    • Integration takes a minimum of two weeks for set-up, testing, and final go-live


Steps to Connect

A Calyx PointCentral integration does come with both a financial and time commitment from both you and Whiteboard that is the initial jumping off point.

If you have any further questions about the integration or the integration’s capabilities, or if you’d are ready to get an integration started please email us at To request a formal quote and to then purchase the integration.

Once you have purchased an integration a standard timeline of integration steps will begin!



Each Calyx PointCentral Integration is built to the individual customer. As such this is not an “out-of-the-box” integration and is created to capture your specific need. Setup and configuration includes dedicated Implementation and Product team time to ensure the integration will function related to the your current Whiteboard Playbook.

A PointCentral integration can be created within two weeks’ time BUT this is predicated upon the initial setup and approval process being completed in a timely fashion by you or your team.

The following is a lightly detailed outline of the steps to completion!

    1. Integration is purchased.
    2. Members of Whiteboard’s Implementation Team will reach out with instructions how to create a new Calyx user.
    3. Simultaneously, the Whiteboard Product Team will create a new online workspace for your future PointCentral integration.
    4. Product Team confirms the new user workspace has been successfully created.
    5. You will identify which Loan Officers and Data Folders to pull information from.
    6. Your Implementation Specialist will contact to you to discuss and detail the PointCentral data fields that need to be captured.
    7. The Product Team will use this information to build your integration in a testing environment.
    8. Review – You will review and approve of the records brought over to the test environment to confirm data integrity.
    9. Process changes, if any, that have been detailed from the previous review step.
    10. Pull data into your live environment!
    11. Final review.

Please allow for additional time if further testing and customization are required.

Technical Document to share with your IT Team – Download the Data Sheet