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The Encompass/Whiteboard Integration

An office-wide integration that automatically updates & synchronizes your Encompass LOS loan data to your Whiteboard CRM office, eliminating data re-entry or management of records across two different systems. The integration brings the power of Whiteboard’s Playbook campaigns to your LOS data. It’s a fully automatic, hands-free integration that does not require any of your time after setup to let you focus on closing more loans.


Integration Prerequisites and Expectations
For the integration to work, there are two critical requirements enforced by Ellie Mae that must be completed prior to beginning the integration setup.

The first requirement asks for the creation of an API user in your Encompass instance. In other words, a special kind of user must be added to Encompass. In some organizations, this is handled by the Encompass system administrator. Ellie Mae has provided detailed instructions on how to create this kind of user which we can share with you. Without this API user, the integration will not work, so it is best that you first confirm with whoever administers your Encompass system that creating this API user will not be an issue.

The second requires that your organization has access to Ellie Mae’s Developer Connect portal. Again, the person responsible for managing and administering your Encompass will know if your organization has access to the portal. Since this is also a mandatory requirement enforced by Ellie Mae, if your organization doesn’t currently have access to the Developer Connect portal, your Ellie Mae Relationship Manager can help you get access to it.

Once you have verified that these two requirements are met, Whiteboard CRM can then begin the process of setting up the integration, which can take a couple of weeks to complete. If there is a technical contact from your organization who can be contacted during the setup process, please share their contact information with your Whiteboard CRM Success Coach.


Integration Details

  • Real-time, automatic synchronization of loan, borrower, co-borrower, and partner (business) data from Encompass to Whiteboard. Make a change in Encompass and see it in Whiteboard within seconds
  • Optionally, re-sync Encompass records that have already been imported and overwrite the corresponding data in Whiteboard
  • Easy identification of records in Whiteboard that are linked to records in Encompass
  • Automatically syncs contact data under the appropriate Loan Officer’s team in Whiteboard
  • Intelligent integration process does not create duplicate records, instead of updating existing records based on flexible rules
  • Integration only pulls “core” contact data points into Whiteboard – sensitive details like financial information are left in the LOS where they belong



Free! Whiteboard does not charge anything for the Encompass integration.


What you need/what to expect

  • An active Whiteboard CRM subscription
  • Encompass Banker edition (the Broker edition CAN’T support API integrations)
  • Additional Encompass “API User”

NOTE: your organization’s Encompass administrator will need to create the API User. This is a requirement for integrations by Ellie Mae. This user will only have access to data folders that you deem necessary for the integration.


Customization Options

At this time, the only customization available for Encompass integrations are the creation of custom Whiteboard campaigns based on synched datapoints. At some point in the future, other customization may be available. Please reach out to your Whiteboard Sales contact for more information.


What’s next:

Contact your Whiteboard Success Coach to begin the process.


Have more technical questions? Or need a Data Sheet to give to your CIO?
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