What is Encompass? – Encompass by Ice Mortgage Technology

Need to share the technical document with your IT Team – Download the Data Sheet

The Encompass Banker Edition LOS allows loan officers to access everything the ability to originate and close loans from any location using AI-drive automation. Encompass offers built-in compliance paperless document management, and next-generation data security, Encompass ensures that lenders and borrowers alike are prepared and protected.


Benefit to Encompass Users

An office-wide integration that automatically updates & synchronizes your Encompass LOS loan data to your Whiteboard CRM office, eliminating data re-entry or management of records across two different systems.

The integration brings the power of Whiteboard’s Playbook campaigns to your LOS data. This is a fully automatic, hands-free integration that does not require any of your time after setup allowing you and your team to focus on closing loans instead of spending time moving data from system to system.


Connection Capabilities

Automated Record Creation – As you add borrower and mortgage information to your Encompass environment that data will automatically create(or update) Client and Mortgage records within Whiteboard. When you add the property information, rate, or appraised value to a mortgage within Encompass then that information will populate the associated mortgage record within Whiteboard.

Automated Pipeline Engagement – Throughout a loan’s natural lifecycle Encompass will send updates to Whiteboard to start and stop pipeline related campaign automation.

Automated Milestone Updates – As you update Encompass with important dates(appraisal ordered, loan approved, clear to close) this information will trigger Whiteboard’s Milestone content to email and text message stakeholders associated with the loan.

Automated Partner Tracking – The loan process involves multiple stakeholders through the lifecycle of a new loan. The Encompass integration will add these partners to Whiteboard while also associating them with their specific role related to individual mortgages.

Connection Type – This is a direct, linear, integration. Each Encompass integration is built to the current specifications of your existing Encompass environment.

*Whiteboard cannot send data to Encompass



FREE – Whiteboard does not charge our customers anything for the “out of the box” setup or operation of the Encompass integration.

      • You will need an additional Encompass API User, for which Ellie Mae does not charge.

If you need to complete extensive Playbook or Campaign customization then Professional Services charges will be negotiated.



    • An active Whiteboard CRM subscription
    • An active Encompass account
    • Access to Ellie Mae’s Developer Connect Portal –
      • You may need to contact Ellie Mae support to request access
    • An additional active Encompass API user for the integration
      • You or a member of your team will need Admin access to create this
    • Time – You or a Technical Resource from your team must have the time available to scope and test your integration


Steps to Connect

1) Confirm that you are using the Banker Edition of Encompass. Currently there is no integration available with the Broker Edition.

2) Confirm that your company will allow for an “API User” integration with Whiteboard. If Whiteboard needs to complete your company’s vendor vetting process, please send that request to the following email address

3) If you are ready to get started then please send an email to requesting we start process! You will receive ‘next step’ instructions to share with your Encompass Administrator. Additionally, you will be be assigned a member of the Product Team who be working with you and your team to get the integration built!



The time necessary to integrate Encompass with a Whiteboard account takes on average between 30 to 45 calendar days. But this can be extended out further depending on the size of your organization, the amount, and type, of business rules you request and your calendar availability.

The process includes various checkpoints and reviews to ensure things are being built correctly and per the agreed upon schedule.

Once you begin working with our Product Team a more accurate timeline to completion will be provided!

Technical Document to share with your IT Team – Download the Data Sheet