Campaign Texting | Introducing The Texting Playbook


In 2018, Whiteboard CRM got even more powerful with the introduction of texting, allowing you to have real-time texting conversations with your partners and borrowers right from within their CRM records. And LOs love it!

The next step was to introduce the ability to automate repetitive texts, just like you can do now using Whiteboard’s Playbook of emails and tasks. Well now you can!

Check out this short video and then follow the instructions below to set up your landline number for texting and activating campaigns.

Set up your landline number for texting

We’ve also introduced the ability to send an receive texts from your office landline in most cases. That way your borrowers and partners don’t have to juggle an extra texting-specific number. They can just text and call your team at the same number! If you’d like to discuss setting that up, please set up an appointment with one of our Success Coaches using one of the links below:

Justin Acklin
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Levi Lawson
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Activating your texting campaigns

You’re probably wondering how to turn on those nifty texting campaigns. Here is a quick step-by-step.

    1. From anywhere in Whiteboard, click the menu icon on the top right and choose Campaigns
    2. You’ll be dropped into the Client Campaigns tab by default. Inactive campaigns will be marked with a red square
    3. Type “text” into the Search box
    4. Find the texting campaign you’re interested in and click the three dot menu in the “Manage” column.
    5. Choose View from the dropdown
    6. In the top right, click Activate
    7. A confirmation box will pop up.  Click Yes
    8. In the top left, click Client Campaigns to be taken back to the campaign list. The campaign you activated should be green.
    9. Now visit the Partners and Mortgage tabs and repeat steps 3-8 for each campaign you wish to activate.
    10. Set up your landline number for texting