The Calyx Integration is only available for Calyx Point Central.
Please confirm with your Calyx Administrator which version of Calyx you have before purchasing.

The Calyx/Whiteboard Integration

An office-wide integration that automatically and intelligently syncs your Calyx LOS data to your Whiteboard CRM office, eliminating data re-entry and management across two different systems. The integration allows you to augment your LOS with Whiteboard’s automated playbook campaigns. The integration is completely autonomous, hands-off integration that doesn’t require any of your time and lets you focus on your business.


Integration Details:

  • Utilize your most valuable data points to trigger new outreach opportunities or tasks to better serve your existing client base
  • Automatically sync customer data under the appropriate originator
  • Updates existing records based on flexible matching rules instead of creating duplicate contacts
  • Completely customize the synchronization time interval
  • Common “core” datapoints are pre-mapped and ready to go out of the box – making most setups easy to process
  • Consistent behaviors – A Calyx integration can be customized to bring over critical datapoints that drive your current business practices or workflows



  • One-time setup fee of $500 for your entire office regardless of the number of originators
  • Monthly integration management fee of $25 for your entire office


What you need/what to expect:

  • An active annual Whiteboard CRM subscription
  • An additional active Calyx license/seat for the integration “user” with admin rights. NOTE: If admin rights can not be granted to the integration user, a non-admin user with read-only permission for all record/data types, as well as, “Save as 1003” and “Export 3.2” options enabled will be needed
  • The integration will be ‘scoped’, the general requirements will be identified during the sales process and defined during the Onboarding process
  • Minimum two weeks for set-up and testing


Customization Options:

The integration can be customized to meet specific needs that typical “out of the box” setup doesn’t cover. Integration customization is billed at an hourly rate of $125. You will receive a detailed quote for your approval prior to committing to the customization of your integration.

Examples of integration customization include, but are not limited to:

  • Synching additional datapoints or custom values from Calyx into Whiteboard CRM
  • Creating custom Whiteboard campaigns around synched Calyx data points


What’s next:

Contact your Whiteboard Sales Representative or Success Coach to begin the process.

Have more technical questions? Or need a Data Sheet to give to your CIO?

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